Services Provided by Bail Bonds Cocoa

We have a perfect blend of services that complement each other. From Mugshot Removal to Accessing your Bail File remotely to see whats going on with your case in real time.


Hundreds of websites display arrest reports and mugshots. Bail 2 GO’s mugshot removal service removes these pictures, allowing you to becomes anonymous again in the eyes of the law.


Our patent pending bail posting method has made the process in which we receive your personal information more efficient and fast as all out doors. Speed is everything when it comes to bail.


Our process is the fastest because our patent pending software that no other agency have in the country. We built our foundation on speed, efficiency, flexibility, and YOU.


The 256-bit encryption that we use to secure our files ensure that all the private information that you provide in the bail process will be as secure if not more secure than the pentagon.

Our Bail Bonds Brevard Features:

We're not trying to brag but... Let's just say we have a lot of things going for us when it comes to helping out people that only need it but also deserves it.

  • Bail 2 GO is based in Cocoa, FL, and we have connections throughout the United States. We can handle bail bonds from across the nation. We have convenient locations around the Central Florida area
  • You don’t have to post the bail bond in person. Our easy to follow system guides you through the necessary paperwork online. It is completely safe due to our 256 bit encrypted security system.
  • We are different from your typical Brevard bail bonds agency. We want to help you in any way possible. Bail 2 GO offers free warrant checks, even if you choose not to use our bail bonds service.
  • Our Cocoa Bail Bonds Agents are certified and highly experienced professionals licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Bail Bonds Orlando Service Provider


Unlike some companies, we like to make sure we are posting real testimonials. Check out our YouTube page for the actual live testimonial from these amazing clients.

Bail 2 Go was excellent in my sisters time of need. They we're more than accommodating and located right across from the jail to make the process even easier.
BAIL 2 GO was amazing. I've been using them every since my friends referred them to me. They are no hassle, friendly, and never judgmental.


Let us help you by starting the process before you even get to our office.

Choosing a Bail Bonds agency in Brevard is the most important decision you have to make when someone you love is arrested. Finding a Bail Bondsman and a Bail Bond Agency is just as important as looking for an attorney. Many think its an Easy Task However it is not. You have to choose a bail bond agency that listens to you, and customize a payment structure and collateral plan that fits into “life.” If any bail bondsman has the correct knowledge, the will have a full understanding of the situation that you and your loved one may be facing. Bail 2 Go is an Cocoa bail bonds agency that has over two decades of experience in the field.


Among the core services that we offer, our customer service is most that we are proud of. Without a doubt were #1 at the listing and finding solutions to any bail bond problems. Central Florida is indeed growing, and Cocoa FL has seen more people now than it has ever. And of course with more people, you have more personalities, and with more personalities, you have more potential problems for conflict. We like to pride ourself with dealing with all kinds of personalities and thus that has made us a successful bail bond agency. When a client comes to us asking for help, the first thing we do is getting to know them better. This way we can provide a satisfactory and customized service, and also give our clients a heads up about what the may expect as a result of being arrested and charged with various charges ranging from DUI, Trafficking, and any type of high profile case.


No other Brevard County, FL Bail Bonds agency is better than Bail 2 Go when it comes to satisfactory service. We know the trouble that anyone can go through when someone is arrested. When a loved on is arrested, street levels are extremely high, and typically everything can seem like a blur the minute you leave your house and try to cope with getting your loved on out of jail. That’s why we take all the steps necessary to make the bail bonding process quicker and as minimal as possible. During the earlier days of bail, a bail bond could only be done with an agent present. This, unfortunately, took a ton of time. Time for the client to meet them at a known or possibly unknown location. Time for the paperwork to be handwritten which at most times could take easily over an hour. Unfortunately wasting when processing a loved one's bond means your loved ones will have to stay in jail for much longer duration. Furthermore, most jails take at least 3-10 hours to process the release after the bond is even posted. For obvious reasons, a Jail is not a good place to spend no more time than what you absolutely have to. Taking all facets of this broken bail system into consideration, we were able to develop an online system that makes the entire application process digital and faster than any other bail agency in country from the time you loved on is booked to the time they are released.


Bail 2 Go is the first Bail Bonds Cocoa agency that provides a Full suite online application system ranging from notifying you when your loved one is booked to the moment they are released. Our easy to use application process can be completed by anyone with any type of internet connected device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or a computer in the comfort of your home. This makes the process of posting bail, doing the paperwork, and paying for you bond dead simple and so easy a 95-year-old grandma could do it. (Trust me we have some that have)


With our patent pending technology, you can submit all the details necessary for us to post a bail bond online. Our system is protected with a 256-bit encryption technology which makes each and every piece of information you submit on the loved one you were trying to post bail for secure in our databases. Once you have submitted the information, our bail specialists will check for any mistakes, errors and contact you to process further. However if you prefer to meet us in person, that's always an option as well. We will always suggest do what make you feel most comfortable We will be right here for you. Bail 2 Go is a National Bail Bonding Agency that has locations throughout the greater Central Florida Area, with more locations to come. We If you look around you might find one as we're always right across from jail. Either way, our state licensed surety agents are always willing to help you around the clock without any hesitation.


If you have any problem with our application process or have questions to ask, you can always contact us through our hotline which is in service 24/7. Our goal as an Orlando Bail Bonds agency is to provide the best service you can get. To provide the best service we have to make sure that our customers are comfortable with us. That's why we have introduced flexible payments plans that you can set with the help of one of our licensed surety agents. Most payment plans are designed to take the stress out of posting a bail bonds for your loved on. We also don't typically require any collateral to be given to us. However, there are a few instances that might require specialized collateral depending on a variety of things ranging from how much the bond amount is, to what type of stability the defendant has once he or she is released. All of or Orlando bail bonds surety agents are defiantly qualified enough to determine rather, or not collateral could be needed. Overall our goal is to ensure that all clients: defendant’s, mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s, and friends are well taken care of when it comes to the serious and stressful business of post a bail bond for a loved one.